2018 Bring Your Child to Work Day


On April 26th, 2018, Enoch Precision Machining participated in the annual Bring Your Child to Work Day to show our younger family members what we do every day. This year we had eight children from ages five to nineteen, watch, ask questions, and participate as they learned about various aspects of manufacturing. One child said this is DEFINITELY where he’s coming to work when he’s older! All participants had a fun time hanging out with mom or dad.

Family is an important part of our culture and we encourage our family and friends to stop by and see what we do. Participating in the Bring Your Child to Work Day was a great way to show our children how we machine parts and to encourage them to think a little differently. Along with getting a better appreciation of what their parents do all day, it may be the be the spark that inspires a future machinist. Exposure to manufacturing at a young age is one way to make sure the industry continues strong for generations to come.

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