Enoch and Lighthouse for the Blind Work Together to Make Everyday Living Better


Our motto at Enoch is, “We make the parts that are essential for everyday living.” Not only do we strive to make a difference for our customers, but for our team members and community. One of our partnerships that spans nearly 19 years is our work with Seattle’s Lighthouse for the Blind. 

Lighthouse for the Blind employs more than 220 blind and DeafBlind people, and over 90 are skilled machinists who make aerospace parts, office products, and a myriad of other machined products for customers such as The Boeing Company and the Federal Government. 

Lighthouse offers assembly work as well as the machining of parts for their clients. Enoch steps in when Lighthouse needs access to machines that they don’t have, and we also handle overflow work whenever needed. Then, we return the parts to Lighthouse so they can add them to other parts they’ve machined in-house or that go on to assembly. 

“Enoch steps in when we need extra capacity or expertise in areas outside of our core machining capability,” said Shawn Dobbs, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Lighthouse for the Blind. “Through good times and bad, Enoch has consistently provided Lighthouse with component parts for our 1-quart military canteen. They are an indispensable part of what we do.”   

This is important because according to Lighthouse, 70% of blind people are unemployed or underemployed and that percentage is even higher for the DeafBlind. Lighthouse is the largest employer of blind and DeafBlind people west of the Mississippi, providing everything from aerospace machining, production, service businesses, retail, administration, accounting, human resources, employee training, and executive-level management, 

“It’s always satisfying to see where our parts go,” said Erick Frack, CEO of Enoch. “It’s especially great seeing what Lighthouse does with our parts – for example on my last visit to Lighthouse I had the opportunity to see the fold-up military shovel that we provide parts for.” 

Out of 90 companies doing this across the country, Lighthouse has the most complex capabilities with an enviable 99.99% acceptance rate. Last year alone they manufactured over one million defense products, one million aerospace parts and 100,000 office products. 

We look forward to helping them continue the valuable work they do for many years to come.For more information on how you or your company can support Lighthouse for the Blind, visit them here.

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