Heart-to-Part: Inspiration from the Shop Floor


Any machine shop can make great parts, but it’s employees like Carlos Ponce that sets Enoch apart from the rest. Carlos, one of our machine operators, is always going above and beyond: learning more, improving efficiency, and looking for ways to improve. At Enoch, it’s not just about what we can do on the shop floor, but what more we can add to our community. Carlos does this every day in work and in life, and his energy is contagious. People want to work with him and be around him.

Carlos’s career path began at Portland Parks, where he eventually became a camp manager. To better serve the community and children he worked with, Carlos did everything in his power to make sure any child that wanted to attend camp could, no matter their situation or economic status.

“My main goal was to do everything in my power to make sure that any kid that wanted to go to camp could, no matter their situation. I wanted to learn to work with children, work with the community, and be able to communicate with any type of person, with any kind of background. I wanted them to feel comfortable in their community space,” says Carlos.

After spending several years with Portland Parks, Carlos began looking at career opportunities where he could make things that made a difference. This led him to the Clackamas Community College machining program where Carlos was accepted into the Metallica Scholars Initiative. This program provides financial support for students to attend selected US community colleges for the purpose of learning a trade.

As part of the program, Carlos participated in an internship at Enoch Precision Machining. “I knew that by working at Enoch, and joining their FastTrack Training program, I’d continue to learn and have the opportunity to make important contributions and differences. It’s up to us, the future generation. We have a lot more power in our hands and need to make ourselves do important things and this is a good way to do it.”

“With the US depending so much on outsourcing, which really hit hard during COVID-19, I want to be part of the future that starts to rebuild manufacturing here in the US,” Carlos says. “I want to say later in life – I was part of this. I’m part of the reason the US no longer depends on other countries for essential, everyday products.”

“Our work here touches so many lives in real life situations. Take hospitals for example – look around and you’ll see medical equipment. I think, ‘Hey, I helped make part of that device. If I didn’t help make them, then patients wouldn’t be getting their proper medical treatment. I’m proud of being part of that.’”

Carlos beams. “My moral compass tells me to come in to work with a smile for those that can’t. You never know what others are going through. I’m about bringing positivity to the workplace and igniting activity. Does my job matter to the world and I am important as a person? Yes to both!”

With this positive outlook, determination, and drive, I’d say Carlos’ future is an ace in the hole and he’ll continue to inspire!

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