FastTrack Training: Learn more. Earn more. Be more!


Starting out as a new machinist can be challenging. It’s even more challenging to work your way up the ladder for promotions.

To make this easier, Enoch Precision Machining has launched the FastTrack Training Program, a comprehensive training program combining classroom and hands-on instruction with production machining responsibilities.  The program is designed for new machinists and those seeking additional training and gives participants a definable career path with predictable wage increases based on specific skills attainment.

The 18-month program is comprised of three parts:  

1) Weekly classroom sessions reinforce key machining concepts and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Sessions cover tooling, machine design, shop math (including trigonometry), programming, print reading, GD&T, and feeds and speeds.  

2) Personalized hands-on instruction reinforces classroom training, focusing on the CNC turning and mill-turning equipment that is used daily on the production floor.   

3) Application of training knowledge to production machining tasks. Responsibilities expand as your skills advance.   

 Upon completion of the Fast Track Program, the participant will have completed the certification requirements for a variety of machining skills as designated by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).  In addition, they will be qualified as a set-up operator at Enoch Precision Machining, capable of independently setting up and machining parts on more than one type of lathe. 

Participants in the Fast Track Training Program learn new skills faster and experience more job variety than in other machine shops.  They also receive faster promotions and faster pay raises.  Check out the Fast Track Training Program for more details. Learn more. Earn more. Be more! 

Check our FastTrack Training video here:


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