On Target Spray Systems pivots to battle the COVID-19 virus


On Target Spray Systems has been a customer of Enoch’s for over 20 years. They make electrostatic sprayers for the application of fertilizer and pesticides in the agricultural industry. More efficient than fan sprayers, electrostatic sprayer droplets are attracted to both the tops and undersides of plant material, much like powder coating,
giving 360-degree wrap-around coverage. Enoch machines the plastic and metal components for the sprayer nozzles.

Enoch Involved on Each Stage

Recently, multiple companies approached On Target Spray Systems to modify their sprayers to apply disinfectant in the battle against the COVID-19 virus. This launched a flurry of activity to design, proto-type and produce two new electrostatic sprayer systems. One is a backpack version and the second is a cart with greater capacity and coverage. Enoch had the privilege of being involved in each stage along the way including subassembly.  You can learn more at ontargetspray.com

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