Its a hybrid of a typical CNC machine.

A mill/turn machine is a hybrid of a typical CNC machine that offers the dual capability of turning (rotating the workpiece) and milling (rotating the tool). This fast and flexible tool can quickly and more accurately complete complex operations than traditional machining technology.

While other CNC machines can only complete one function, mill/turn machines can complete up to four tasks simultaneously.

Advantages of Mill/Turn Machines

As some of the industry’s most advanced technology, mill/turn machines are less commonly used in machine shops than more traditional CNC machines. At Enoch, we remain committed to using the latest and most advanced CNC turning technology possible in Portland. Our combined mill/turn machines offer a variety of benefits, including:


Manufacturing Experience You Can Count On

Mill/turn machines feature less margin for error when adjusting parts or setting up a production run. With most precision machines, even the most minor adjustment can throw the fabrication of a part off. Reducing the need to reposition parts or tools leads to more precise results and fewer costly errors.

Tasks such as probing, material loading, and parts removal are done automatically, freeing up our machinist’s time to attend to more valuable activities.

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