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Parts Production by the Dozens or Millions - We Scale with You

Enoch Precision Machining is a one-stop-shop for close-tolerance turned and milled-turned parts and fasteners.

Because we have the right equipment, people and capacity we deliver a finished product at a competitive price - so you don’t have to seek out another facility midway through, saving you wasted setup time and money.

We have various styles of lathes to provide a wide range of capabilities and volumes.

Ideal for low volume parts in the 50’s to 1,000’s with simple to complex features.

Six spindle lathes allow the production of six parts in the time it would take to make a single part on a single spindle lathe.  Multi-spindle lathes are used for high-volume parts into the millions.

Swiss machines were originally developed to make the very small and precise parts for Swiss watches. Our Swiss-style lathes allow us to make very small parts, down to .04” in diameter with exact precision.

A mill/turn CNC lathe is a hybrid that offers the dual capability of turning (rotating the workpiece) and milling (rotating the tool). This fast and flexible tool can quickly and accurately complete complex operations, accomplishing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Advantages of Mill/Turn Machines

We are committed to using the latest and most advanced technology possible. Our combined mill/turn lathes offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Capacity to machine more complex parts
    Mill/turn lathes can create complicated parts without transferring the parts to another machine to complete. This gives our team of machinists at Enoch the ability to complete projects more economically.
  • Quicker production
    With the capacity to complete many operations simultaneously, mill/turn lathes significantly decrease the time it takes to make a part. Additionally, mill/turn machines can be set up far more quickly, reducing production times.
  • Improved accuracy
    Mill/turn lathes reduce the risk of errors associated with fixturing parts multiple times. Reducing the need to reposition parts or tools leads to more precise results and fewer costly errors.
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Enoch Precision Machining is a full service, single-source provider of precision machining services, specializing in close-tolerance milled and turned components.