Words of Wisdom from 35-Year Machining Veteran Lonnie Porter


As he looks back at his long career as a machinist, Lonnie Porter has no regrets, especially the time he spent working for Enoch Precision Machining. “For someone like me, looking to be the best well-rounded machinist, working for Enoch was an opportunity,” Lonnie says. His advice to machinists like himself looking for the challenge of learning new skills? Look for a job shop like Enoch, not a production shop.

 “It’s a whole different world,” Lonnie explains. “Whole different set of skills with way more opportunities for growth.” And he speaks from experience. “I’ve worked as a machinist for 35 years. Pretty much most of my life.”

 After 35 years as a machinist, Lonnie briefly retired before rejoining the workforce, first working for his brother’s trucking company. After his brother sold the company, Lonnie’s son convinced him to work for Enoch. Lonnie worked there for one year before making a permanent move to retirement.  “Working at Enoch was fun,” Lonnie says. “We got a lot of work done and had fun while we were doing it!”

 This dynamic culture at Enoch is by design, according to CEO Erick Frack. “As you look at a career in machining there are two different paths to take,” says Erick. “There’s the production path that’s very repetitive. You’re usually running the same machine  day in and day out, never changing or growing.Versus a job shop like Enoch, where you will be pushed to learn different machines, different set ups, different everything. If you thrive on action, come talk to Enoch.”

 “Machining can be monotonous, causing people to leave, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” Lonnie explains. “It’s a matter of perspective, understanding that what you are doing is benefiting you because you’re growing in a trade. And it’s a good trade. We are modern day blacksmiths, we make stuff. If we don’t make stuff, then carpenters don’t have nails to build things and mechanics can’t fix or build cars.”

“In a job shop you’re going to learn the most. No matter if you’re a new machinist or mid-career, you’ll find more opportunities to grow,” Lonnie said. 

Enoch accelerates machining skills with an 18-month FastTrack program that combines  classroom instruction and individual hands-on training with shop-floor responsibilities. Lonnie’s advice for new machinists? “Take advantage of the opportunities in job shops like Enoch, whether you’ve been working for twenty years or just starting out. “Enoch is a great place to be for someone who is motivated and ready to learn.”

Check out our career opportunities at www.enochmachining.com.  Become part of the team that makes parts that are essential for everyday living!

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