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Enoch Precision Machining provides full-service, single-source solutions for precision machining needs, and specializes in close-tolerance milled and turned parts. With over eighty automated, and fifty secondary machines housed in our fifty thousand square foot facility, our Clackamas, Oregon location offers a comprehensive range of precision machining options including CNC Swiss-style lathes and 5-axis mills for prototyping and low volume quantities, multi-spindle lathes and Hydromat automatic rotary-transfer machines for high volumes. Whether you need a single part or one million of them, you can depend on Enoch Precision Machining to provide the parts you need, on time.

CNC Turning

A machining process used to make cylindrical parts. Turning utilizes cutting tools that move in a linear direction while the work piece rotates. Turning works to reduce the diameter of a piece to produce a smooth part that meets the exact specifications that our customers require.

Enoch Precision Machining offers a comprehensive range of turning solutions that include automatic lathes, CNC multi-axis Swiss-style lathes, automatic multi-spindle lathes and Hydromat automatic rotary-transfer machines. Finished products vary in diameter from 1/32" to 4", and can be made from a range of materials including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastics.


Multiple Secondary Operation (MSO) dial machines add additional details to parts that have been machined on a lathe. This may include tapping, countersinking, threading or broaching (just to name a few), and can perform five different operations at the same time.

Enoch Precision Machining has a highly skilled Second Operations department hosting multiple MSO machines, allowing for timely completion of high volume lathe jobs with complex designs features.

Milling (low volume and prototyping)

For milling, the work-piece remains stationary while the spinning milling tool removes material by performing many separate small cuts to shape the part. The mill has the ability to move across multiple axes to create a variety of holes, slots, and shapes.

At Enoch Precision Machining, our highly adaptable CNC milling team utilizes 3-axis and 5-axis milling centers to produce a variety of customized products to meet your exact specifications.

Quality Assurance

All parts are machined following Enoch's Quality Assurance Program and ISO 9001:2015 protocols, making sure that the highest quality standards are consistently maintained and monitored through pre-run, in-process, and post-run inspections. SPC data collection and analysis is also available as required.


After machining, Enoch offers a wide range of options for part finishing including heat treating, plating, laser etching, passivating, lapping, grinding, anodizing and more.

Parts Express

Lead times are always a concern, as unexpected demands can make a buyer’s life stressful. The Parts Express Program provides next-day availability at the best pricing, without the customer paying for excess inventory. The program requires a purchase order, estimated ship dates and min./max. quantities. Parts will be manufactured ahead of time and inventoried by Enoch. This allows us to eliminate the cost attributed to multiple set-ups and respond with faster ship dates. Customers will only be billed for their shipped quantities.

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Enoch Precision Machining
9085 SE Enoch Ct.
P.O. Box 98 (mailing)
Clackamas, OR 97015-0098

Local: (503) 659-2660
Toll Free: (888) 659-2660
[email protected]

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday
6:00am to 4:45pm Pacific Time
Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Enoch Precision Machining is a full service, single-source provider of precision machining services, specializing in close-tolerance milled and turned components.

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