Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Is Key To Meeting Our High Standards We’ve Set At Our Precision Machine Shop In Portland.

All parts we machine follow Enoch’s Quality Assurance Program and ISO 9001:2015 protocols, ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the pre-run, in-process, and post-run inspections.

Certificates of compliance will be provided upon request. All steps in the production process are traceable. Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collection and analysis are available upon request.

The Value of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance varies from quality control in slightly different ways. While quality control is the inspection phase of quality assurance, quality assurance focuses on all the systems Enoch has in place to ensure every part meets the customer’s quality standards.

A commitment to quality assurance offers our customers a variety of benefits, including:

Fewer errors and mistakes mean fewer delays, leading to an increase in productivity.

Errors that lead to scrapped parts inflate costs, making it harder to keep production within budget.

Our skilled team of precision machinists are placed in a position to succeed by having their roles and job functions clearly defined.

Our customers know that when they place an order with the team at Enoch, ensuring the quality of their product will always remain our top priority.

Our customers know that they place an order with the team at Enoch, we will ensure that the quality of their product is our top priority.

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Fewer Errors and Costly Mistakes Saves Time and Money

Having confidence in your custom manufacturing partner helps your business meet its production goals. Fewer errors and costly mistakes reduce waste that drives up production costs, enabling your project to stay under time and on budget. 

If you want a product made right, contact the team at Enoch to learn more about our quality assurance standards. Our team will demonstrate why Enoch is the only choice when searching for a precision machine shop in the Northwest.

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