Employee Highlight: Steve Jellison reaches 20-year milestone!


Steve Jellison celebrated 20 years of employment with Enoch in June. In Steve’s words, “I started at Enoch in late March of 2000. I was hired as a temporary employee on swing shift to wash parts. I had no experience in machining, and to be honest, I had no real idea of what machining meant. I was just a young man with the physical ability to do the heavy lifting.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the learning experiences and the company has fed my appetite for growth. Over the years I have learned to operate many of the CNC machines and now have the opportunity to pass down that knowledge to the next generation of Enoch employees.”

When not at work, Steve and his wife are busy building a farm and clearing land for future livestock additions.

We’re certainly glad Steve arrived on Enoch’s doorstep. That temporary job eventually evolved into a key supervisory role today. Congratulations Steve!

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