Heavy Metal Precision: Enoch and the Metallica Scholars Initiative


We know our team rocks at Enoch but did you know that many of our employees are just a few guitar licks away from the heavy metal band Metallica?

Established in 2019, the Metallica Scholars Initiative provides direct financial support for selected US community colleges with the purpose of promoting, focusing on, and helping trade school students who are studying welding, industrial, and automotive technology. Students accepted in the program receive resources such as protective equipment and gear, tools, textbooks, as well as career guidance.

It’s a terrific cause and we can attest to the fact that Metallica is changing lives because several of our rock star team members have been selected for and graduated from the program at nearby Clackamas Community College.

Meet Enoch employee Carlos Ponce, CNC Machine Operator. Carlos was recently accepted into the Metallica Scholars Initiative. With the skills and knowledge he’ll gain, along with his current work experience, Carlos embodies our philosophy of learning, growing and reaching the next level perfectly.

“The Metallica Scholars program has allowed me the opportunity for a great experience and quickly got me on track for success in a career I enjoy!”

Carlos is just one of the many Enoch and Metallica Scholars Initiative success stories. Because of rock stars like Carlos, Enoch looks forward to hiring and helping build careers for future Metallica Scholars!

Hey, and don’t forget… ROCK ON!

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