‘Tis the Season for Collecting!


The holiday season at Enoch is focused around collecting.  We started by collecting toys for foster children, and this year our employees generously donated hundreds of toys that will surely delight many kids on Christmas morning!

From there we collected pounds…the kind that result when calories consumed far outweigh (no pun intended) calories expended.  We’re not bashful about this event and have appropriately named it Pig-Out-Week.

It starts with Biscuits and Gravy Day served-up in the tool crib, followed by Donut Day, which is right before Meatball Day.  This year we had 13 crockpots of meatballs, featuring well-guarded family recipes, spread throughout the company like a savory scavenger hunt. 

After this culinary warm-up, we go to the main event, Christmas Lunch Day… featuring Nachos, which makes a lot of sense considering that we have been living on a diet of biscuits and gravy, donuts and meatballs.  (Let’s be honest, most of you would choose nachos over ham dinner if you had a choice.)

On the last day the QA department becomes the sweet dispensary as everyone contributes cookies, pies, cakes and candies for the ultimate sugar high…we just hope Santa doesn’t include overeating as a qualifier for the Naughty List.


To you and yours from Enoch Precision Machining, Merry Christmas!

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